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From the Desk of
: Justin Sabo

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

You have probably already heard of "AdSense Websites" and how the promises say they will churn out paychecks for you from Google on autopilot.
Similarly, you have most likely heard of VRE (Virtual Real Estate), and how the more VRE you own online, the larger your paychecks are supposed to be.
I will not waste your time and mine by writing a long boring letter about how those websites are supposed to make you money.  You've heard it all before.

How it is a numbers game... the more websites you have... the more eyes you will get onto your virtual property... and that a percentage of those eyes WILL click somewhere...
YES! A percentage of the time they WILL click on your AdSense Ads instead of the back button.
GREAT! You have just made a few cents for sending your random visitor, who is interested in your site's niche, off and away to a competitor's website.
Or, if you are not so lucky, which happens the majority of the time, you have made nothing, and the person who was interested in your niche is now gone, most likely forever - never to return.
That's The Problem With Those "AdSense Sites"
You are either putting change in your Google Piggy Bank waiting for it to turn into a Benjamin, or your visitors are leaving your site without doing anything for you but using your bandwidth.
Well, it's time for all of this to change.  It is 2011.  Those AdSense Websites and AdSense Templates with systems and layouts created back in 2004, 5, and 6 are getting kinda old, don't you think?
I know you have seen them - they can be spotted a mile away.
I know you have tried them - I have tried them too.
Well, I finally went did something about it...
I was sick of MY website traffic leaving those sites without doing a thing because:

There is no call to action.
There is nothing interesting to read jumping out.
There are no eye catching graphics or appealing colors.
There are thousands of other sites that look very similar to mine.
I was sick of MY website traffic going to my competitor's website because:
The majority of my links go directly to my competitor's websites right in the same window.
The articles are from a directory and have their URL at the end sucking away my visitor.
The RSS Feeds with their jazzy snippets pull my visitors off to go to news websites.
The visitors click on spam links in the comments area left by sneaky scoundrels.
Something had to be done...
I didn't want to reinvent the wheel - but it seemed like the wheel I was riding on was square.
Instead I came up with something other than a wheel - it's more like a ball... a wheel that can roll whichever way it wants, not just maybe one direction forward or most likely back.
I Started By Making a List of Things that Marketers Like You and Me Already Need to Succeed.

The #1 thing on my notepad was nowhere to be found on those square-wheel-like websites...

A Targeted, Double Opt-In Mailing List

Neither was the #2 thing I had listed...

Passive, Recurring Income Streams from Multiple Sources

Not even #3 could be found on "those" websites...

A Viral Supply of Free Traffic


So, I came up with something fresh, something way more than just AdSense Websites.  An actual system.  A system so easy that anyone can just plug and play their way to results.

A system easy enough for even the newbie internet marketer to grasp, but yet sophisticated enough for the veteran marketer to appreciate. was then conceived.

A collection of Ready-Made VRE Websites based in high demand niches, specifically designed from an internet marketer's point of view with the internet marketer in mind.

First, I Went Above and Beyond... With
Monetization Features From These NINE Sources

Google AdSense - Traditional contextual ad blocks (based on content) that are strategically placed.  Also included are custom search boxes that bring the search results right into your site, keeping your visitors, and your click income, on your website!

Clickbank - Brand new keyword based HopAds ad block feeds and a marketplace search button!  All HopAds open into a new window so your visitor is not leaving your site.  The marketplace search button also opens into a new window bringing the entire Clickbank marketplace to your visitor's fingertips embedded with YOUR Clickbank affiliate ID!

Amazon Associates - Keyword based Amazon ad blocks (not Omakase) that bring relevant product results to your visitors.  These Amazon ad blocks also open into a new window.  Can be changed to Omakase if you prefer, but I found Amazon gives better results by using keywords instead of relying on their Omakase ad system.
Chitika Premium - Search Targeted Advertising.  When your visitor comes from a US or Canada search engine, these ads will show up based on the exact search query that brought them to your site!  If not from a US or Canada search engine, these ads will be invisible.

eBay Partner Network - Keyword based eBay Affiliate Ads!  I found their "custom banner" ads to be appealing and user friendly.  eBay's  commission structure goes up as the traffic you send increases!  eBay pays you for new registered users who become active within 30 days,  as well as commissions from BIN (buy it now) and auction wins. Affiliate - Earn sales commissions of up to 80% from the PayDotCom marketplace!  Their "Widget" ad block is category based and the ads open into a new window.  PayDotCom also pays directly to your PayPal account every month! - Our own closed door affiliate program pays you 50% for every referred purchase.  The (removable) affiliate banner is built in to the websites, plus a customizable link in the giveaway eBook below.

Build Your List - You've heard the saying "the money is in the list", but how do you build your list? The easiest way is with an ethical bribe! I supply you with an eBook to give away for free to get subscribers onto your list.  You can then email them later with related product offers or to get them back on your website possibly clicking ad units!

Customizable PDF eBook - I give you 3 niche eBooks (one for each niche website) with giveaway rights.  It is brandable with your Name and any URL of your choice, your PlugNplay Website URL where they signed up for the eBook (so they can come back to your website later), and your Affiliate ID and optional campaign tracking number.  The eBook being spread freely will create viral traffic to your website and clicks on your affiliate links!

But That Was Not Enough, I still Yearned For More...
Six More Unique Features Were Added


Configurable Banner Area - I've made it super easy to add ANY banner of your choice / your banner rotator code / or banner exchange code to these sites!  Perfect if you belong to a banner exchange and want to earn some easy credits from your site's impressions, or if you have an existing rotator script serving your own banners!  Just plug in your desired code to ONE php includes file and it will update site wide!

Configurable Text Link Area - Just like the configurable banner above, I have made it super easy to add ANY text link of your choice, or ANY text link exchange code to these websites!  Again, ONE php includes file to paste your code into, and the text link will update site wide... Plus, the link is automatically placed in the menu area so it blends right in with the rest of the left column menu links!

Built In Contact Script - Seen those other "AdSense Websites" with NO contact page, let alone a built in contact us script?  How serious would YOU take a website that doesn't have any way to contact the admin?  Enough to give your email address to?  Well I found a cool little script and built it right in to a "contact us" page for you!  All you do is PlugNplay your website name and email address into one file!

Google Analytics - If you are not using analytics tracking with your sites then you are missing out on TONS of valuable information about your visitors... like where they came from... which keywords brought them there... browser type... their screen resolution... the list goes on and on!  This bit of code is a pain to add to other AdSense Websites, that is why I built it in right from the start!  Just enter your tracking number into the config file and you're good to go for the entire website!

Ready Made XML Sitemap File - Even though this is the number one thing you need to do to get Google's attention about crawling and indexing your website, surprisingly this does NOT come standard with ANY of those other "Adsense Websites".  All you have to do is open this up in your trusty text editor, use the find and replace function to change the domain name to your own, and then upload and submit to Google!  Or if you are installing all the sites on to the same domain, you can cut and paste the list into your existing XML file, or you can use a "SiteMap Index" file to house multiple sitemaps on one domain.

Social Bookmarking and Networking - Built in to every unique content page is the bookmarking and sharing button.  Not only does this put your website within one click of the social communities, but clicks on the button are automatically tracked so you can see which bookmark / network sites your visitors are using!  Like one of the other similar free widgets available such as SocialTwist?  No problem - just cut and paste your code over mine inside one file and... well... you know - site wide update!

But wait you say!  With ALL OF THESE FEATURES, it has to be a Pain in the @s$ to set up right?


First of all, they're built from the ground up fully functional with all of the AdSense, Amazon, Chitika, Clickbank, eBay, PayDotCom, (take a breath)... Analytics, AddThis, AWeber... and the numerous other codes already included... so it's simply a matter of plugging in your affiliate ID for each money source, and other relevant information into ONE configuration file, and the entire website is ready to start making money for you.

But will you need special software?  NO!  Of-course not!  All you need is FTP software to upload the sites to your server, (freely available) and a text editor like notepad to edit the configuration file!  Heck you really don't need the free FTP software, you could just upload through your cPanel if you would like!

And no, you don't need any WYSIWYG software like FrontPage or Dreamweaver either!  ANY changes you want to make can be done simply with a text editor like notepad that is included on EVERY computer!  Plus, if you want to make changes, I will personally HELP YOU if you need it! (read on)!

If you haven't gotten the point yet... my PlugNplay Websites were created with YOU in mind!  I wanted to make it as painless and easy as possible for you to give these sites your unique personal touch, while giving you ALL the tools you could possibly need!  It couldn't get any easier to build your lucrative VRE Empire that will last for years to come... starting TODAY!

You can add your own content or change what is already there by simply changing the contents of ONE file that corresponds to the area of the page you want to change.  Then the change you desire takes place site-wide!  No need to make changes on each and every page.

The HTML and PHP code is clean, and therefore easy to edit and customize.  (Like I said, I will help you if you need it).  Search engines prefer clean, properly formatted code.  It is compatible with every internet browser out there (IE, Firefox, Netscape, Google Chrome, etc...).

Now let's take a look at some major differences between other AdSense Websites and my PlugNplay Website System...


Poor Content - Many AdSense Websites have little or no content, or worse, content that was taken from article directories.  Articles from directories have the author and website URL appended on to the end,  bleeding your page rank and sending away your hard earned traffic!
Quality PLR Articles - My PlugNplay Websites have over 100 private label rights articles with each, giving you over 100 webpages with each PlugNplay Website.  Although features of my system assure unique content to the search engines, you are welcome to modify the articles!

Poor Quality - Other AdSense Websites or so called "templates" are poor quality and look like they were just thrown together.  For example, you might find a set of templates where every site has virtually the same header graphic with only the title being different.
Well Made - My PlugNplay Websites are well made. Thought and effort was put into the design and layout of each website, with careful attention being paid to the ad placement... the included graphics to use are unique and high quality... the color schemes match, etc.

Poor Monetization - Most Ready Made Websites don't include any  income streams but AdSense, and it's often poorly optimized. They've got the wrong placement, wrong ad block sizes, wrong colors, etc.
Maximum Monetization - My PlugNplay Websites are designed with AdSense AND numerous other income streams.  They are well monetized. The ads are carefully chosen and placed for maximum clicks!

Can't Customize - If you find an AdSense Website with good design and graphics, it almost certainly was built with dozens of Photoshop "image ready slices".  You can't customize the site without pushing something out of place and messing up the entire site.
Easy Customization - My PlugNplay Websites were created with simple designs and clean HTML and PHP code. They are made to allow quick and easy customization.  You can add content, take it away, or move around what you would like, and they'll still work just fine!

Poor SEO - Most AdSense Websites don't include any Search Engine Optimization, and if they do, it's often poor quality with just the basic <meta> tags that are the same on each and every page of the site.
Search Engine Optimized - My PlugNplay Websites are designed with SEO in mind!  Like custom <title> tags for each page, as well as <h1>, <h2>, and <h3> tags that are different for each page of the website!

Duplicate Content - Other AdSense Websites make it so difficult to customize, you end up with the same website as hundreds of other people.  Or worse, they include Master Resell Rights, so the same website you have is in the hands of thousands of others within months.
Unique Content - My PlugNplay Websites have 3 built in features that make it virtually impossible to be viewed as duplicate content from the search engines.  And that's without you customizing anything at all! Plus, I am the only seller and am limiting sales to 500 of each niche.

No Support - Most AdSense Websites or Template Distributors do not offer support.  Sure you might get an instruction manual, but you are left out in the cold if you have a question.  Why?  Because most sites are bought from resellers that did not create the websites themselves.
Online Support Forum - Not only do you get an instruction manual covering most all aspects of setup and modification, my Websites  include Lifetime Access to the Support Forum.  I will be there to personally answer ANY questions you have regarding my websites.

You are probably ready by now to see all of this put into place... But first, I have ANOTHER unique feature that I forgot to mention above.

Splash Pages!

Yes!  Each PlugNplay Website includes a matching splash page to use for building your list and advertising your website.  These are PERFECT for using in Traffic Exchanges or Safe Lists.

No need to worry about Google frowning on you for putting their AdSense code into a Traffic Exchange, or for getting referred traffic from a TE or safe list, there's a built-in "middle page"!

Here's how it works:


Your Splash Page
Traffic Exchange Surfer
or Safe List Viewer
enters their name and email address to
download your free eBook

Thank-You Page
A new window opens with no ads, thanking your visitor and prompting them to check their email to confirm for download

PlugNplay Website
After 8 seconds the thank you page forwards to your website home page.  Now Google sees the referring URL as from YOUR site!

Now the busy surfer has the chance to bookmark your website for later, and / or click on one of your ad units!  All while not interfering with the traffic exchange session or safe list timer, because your thank-you page is opened in a new window outside of whatever they were doing.

Even if they do nothing and close the window, you still just scored a new subscriber to your list!

This sounds all good, Justin - but what about duplicate content?  I knew you would ask!  That's why my PlugNplay Websites are built with 3, yes three, features that assure unique content to the search engines:

Random Links in the Menu to other Article Pages - there are 10 links chosen at random to display here each time the page is loaded by your visitor or crawled by a search engine... and that is on EVERY article page!  Again, 10 links at random chosen from the 100+ total article pages!  That is 1,000 different variations of random results, just in the menu!  (and that is calculating with only 100 total pages)  Slim chance the same set of 10 links is ever loaded twice, at least this year!

Random Article Snippets - Another 5 randomly chosen links to your 100+ article pages, including 300 character snippets of the article's content included.  These are on EVERY article page too!  This is five more random article page links out of the 100+ total article pages, or another 500 random variations... 100 pages x 5 random slots = 500 variations.  Again, if you only had 100 article pages.  ;-)

Automatic Home Page Rotator - Every 24 hours, a different article out of the 100+ will be on your home page.  This time frame can be changed... but just think - you upload your new site today, and say "Joe" then uploads his tomorrow.  Now you two NEVER have the same home page because you are a day apart from the beginning!  Plus, the search engines will love that every time they come to your site there is a "new" article on the home page... and so will your visitors!

Stop and think about #1 and #2 for a second.  With at least 1,000 random variations of one, and at least 500 of the other, simple math says 1,000 x 500 = 500,000! 

In other words, when Google or any other search engine comes crawling your website, there is a ONE in HALF A MILLION chance that the exact same page will be seen twice at each URL.  Amazing!

Okay, okay!  Enough features already!  I know you're dying to see one of these babies in action... I'll do better than that, I will show you ALL THREE of the brand new niche websites you can own today!



Buying Your Dream Home
  • 117 Article Pages
  • 92 page brandable PDF eBook
  • All of the built-in features you seen above

View the Dream Home PlugNplay Website Demo


Bonus WordPress Theme:



Bonus Affiliate Banners:
(downsized to fit this page)



Bonus Graphics:
(downsized to fit this page)





Debt Crisis
  • 121 Article Pages
  • 67 page brandable PDF eBook
  • All of the built-in features you seen above

View the Debt Crisis PlugNplay Website Demo


Bonus WordPress and Blogger Template:


Bonus Affiliate Banners:
(downsized to fit this page)



Bonus Graphics:
(downsized to fit this page)





Drug Addiction
  • 138 Article Pages
  • 61 page brandable PDF eBook
  • All of the built-in features you seen above

View the Drug Addiction PlugNplay Website Demo


Bonus WordPress, Blogger, and Joomla Templates:



Bonus Affiliate Banners:
(downsized to fit this page)



Bonus Graphics:
(downsized to fit this page)




As you can see, I put some thought and science into the placement of the ads, layout of the website in general, colors used, etc...

It's also super easy to change and test different variables using these Websites, to make sure you're getting the maximum profit from your pages!

Don't like the font color or size?  Just change what you want in one CSS file for site-wide changes!

Don't like the word "Site Map" in your menu?  Maybe you would prefer "Article List"?  Well you simply change this text in the ONE configuration file, and it changes the text site-wide!

Don't like the graphics?  Included are 3 sets of high quality niche mini-sites, but you don't have to use them - you can use whatever graphics you want!  Plus you get the source PSD images so you can modify them however you like for your own personal use.

By now I'm sure you realize that this is the real deal.  These PlugNplay Websites are not some cheesy little collection thrown together in a day.  What I've done is put together a system that will you help you do what you have always dreamed of - make money online.

This Will Be THE Secret Income Generator for Those Who Succeed In 2011 And Beyond!

How long would it take you to create 3 websites with over 100 pages of content each?  Just the graphics alone would take days or weeks... Or how much would it cost for you to outsource it?  I know that I spent weeks configuring and tweaking each of these babies to perfection.
Even just one day of work at a minimum wage rate would be more than what I am charging for 3 complete website kits!
If you're one of the many who don't know how to build a website, or don't know how to get started online, then I'm basically handing you an answer to what may have seemed like an impossibility.
After all...
Wouldn't you like to receive big fat paychecks from Google every month?  Plus monthly commission checks from several other online revenue sources, including Paypal payments from me?  With my closed door affiliate program that pays you 50%, all you need is TWO referrals and your purchase is free!
But you'll never receive any of those paychecks unless you have websites set up with proper monetization.  And you need more than just a page with some ads on it...
You need REAL websites with REAL content, and a REAL system behind it all - JUST LIKE THIS.
You need pages that are optimized to pull in the maximum amount of cash that you can squeeze from your site.  You need to grow your VRE Empire, and with it your paychecks will grow!
You want profit-pulling VRE websites?
Here they are.
Claim them today.
But you'll have to be quick!
In case you were skimming (shame on you!) and missed it above, I am only allowing 500 of each niche website to be sold.  This means you'll have to act fast if you want to get in on this.
Why am I limiting the distribution?  I'm not really too worried about "market saturation" because even if a million people got their hands on these websites, I don't think it would hurt anyone's chances of success.
Using my PlugNplay Website System, every site will be unique due to the built in features you  seen above, and they can be even more unique with your own easy to add personal touches!
Mainly I am limiting the sales so I can provide quality support in the forum to those who need it.  Whether it be questions about setup, modifications, additions, or whatever related to my PlugNplay Websites - I will personally answer any questions you have.
Now, here's the part of the letter where I am supposed to tell you about how much money you are going to lose if you do not buy from me today.
How that if you don't click below, the world will come to an end in a day or two and that you absolutely need these websites to be a survivor of the up and coming disaster.
But I am going to skip all that too.
You have already read everything above and you know a great opportunity when you see it.
I am going to remind you though about the 500 limit.  This I am serious about.  Once it's reached, that is it.  The doors will close to each niche website one by one, and the button you need to click below to get in will no longer work.
You will no longer be able to get your hands on all of this:
  • 3 PlugNplay Websites with 9+ monetization sources and 100+ pages each
  • 3 Complete high quality niche mini-site packages with JPG and PSD graphics
  • 3 Brandable PDF eBooks to build your list, create backend sales, and produce viral traffic
  • 3 Built in sales letter pages describing the giveaway eBooks in great detail
  • 3 Splash pages for advertising in Traffic Exchanges and/or Safe Lists, etc.
  • Support Forum for lifetime support for your purchase

Plus - to show that I am 100% committed to over delivering, I am going to throw in these bonuses:

47 Ready Made AdSense / ClickBank / Amazon Websites!

Get An Additional 47 Niche Websites monetized with ClickBank, Amazon, and Adsense Ads!  Expand Your Virtual Real Estate Empire Today!

Check Out the FREE Bonus 47 Adsense ClickBank Amazon Websites

And don't forget, I am here to help and am in the Member's Forum every day incase you run into any problems.  To show you how confident I am that you will absolutely LOVE these Websites and will be able to get them up and running in no time, I am going to knock off 30% for the first 100 sales.  You won't pay $67 today... you can get your three websites for only $47!

But be quick!  Once the first 100 sets are sold, I have to raise the price!


To Your Online Success!
Justin Sabo

P.S. - The only way I could make this system any easier than I already have... would be if I ran YOUR websites for you, and then let you receive the paychecks each month!

System Requirements:



Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and it's potential. Even though this industry is one of the few where one can write their own check in terms of earnings, there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials.  Examples in these materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings.  Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using our product, ideas and techniques.  We do not purport this as a “get rich scheme.” 

Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in our materials depends on the time you devote to the program, ideas and techniques mentioned, your finances, knowledge and various skills.  Since these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee your success or income level.  Nor are we responsible for any of your actions. 

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Any and all forward looking statements here or on any of our sales material are intended to express our opinion of earnings potential.  Many factors will be important in determining your actual results and no guarantees are made that you will achieve results similar to ours or anybody else’s, in fact no guarantees are made that you will achieve any results from our ideas and techniques in our material.

Results may vary, as with any business opportunity, you could make more or less.  Success in ANY business opportunity is a result of hard work, time and a variety of other factors.  No express or implied guarantees of income are made when purchasing from this website or its affiliates.


Due To The Nature of This Offer, There is A No Refund Policy.

This package does not come with a refund guarantee attached. I know most people seeing this fully understand why I can't include a refund policy. Once someone has downloaded these products I have absolutely no way to know whether you are going to take action and use these websites to their fullest potential, or just let them collect digital dust on your hard drive.

This is a business opportunity for serious people, so I would urge anyone who thinks they may want a refund or needs some kind of guarantee with the PlugNplay Website Package NOT to buy it.

Product names, logos, brands, and other trademarks featured or referred to within the website are the property of their respective trademark holders.
These trademark holders are not affiliated with or our products.
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